May 3, 2016

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Welcome to the Performance Management, Inc. Direct Data Link (DDL) training registration web site. This site is one in a series of rollouts designed to automate the process for registering for DDL courses.

To get started on the registration process, please select the course on the left that applies to you. Each course and class agenda is described in detail, and you will find a helpful FAQ area for selected courses in the navigation bar above.

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WebQuote WIPS RFQ Launch


Cancellation of WIPS DDL Training effective September 4, 2008 and WebQuote pilot launch of WIPS RFQ effective August 18, 2008.

Affected Users

Ford Purchasing launched the second phase of the WebQuote project for production users, WIPS RFQ, on Monday, August 18, 2008. WebQuote is an internet-based application that is replacing and adding to the functionality that WIPS DDL has provided for many years. With the launch of WebQuote, it will no longer be necessary for suppliers to attend training for WIPS DDL. Therefore, effective immediately, training for WIPS DDL is discontinued.

Important Note: You may receive RFQs in multiple methods until our roll out is completed through the end of the year.

WebQuote will offer some significant advantages over the current RFQ methods

  • An improved interface and single system for suppliers to manage RFQs and POs
  • Real time availability of RFQs
  • RFQ specific email notifications when documents are issued or closed
  • Document attachment capability for both buyers and suppliers
  • Systematic "Cost From" updates to RFQ prices when previous engineering levels or AutoMaterials are processed
  • Creation of an electronic file for each returned quote, viewable by the buyer and supplier per Ford's record retention policy
  • Extensive search capability to locate historical transactions
  • Ability to assign users and filter transactions at the 5 digit site code level

Supplier Next Steps

Again, not all buyers and suppliers are launched in WebQuote as of today. All North American Buyers will be enabled and using WebQuote by the end of this year. In the meantime, you may access Covisint and sign up for WebQuote tokens for receiving Purchase Orders electronically, if you have not already done so. Your CSA would be able to help in this regard.

Once your buyers are launched, you will receive a RFQ specific email notification when an RFQ is available in the system, much like you will receive when your Purchase Orders are issued. The information required to submit your quote is essentially the same as responding in WIPS DDL. Please review the steps outlined in the Quoting Quick Reference Guide noted under Training Information.

Training Information

The WebQuote Supplier Manual has been revised to cover the new functionality. We have also created a Quoting Quick Reference Guide that covers the basic steps for responding to RFQs in WebQuote. The documentation is available in Covisint Library Services.

WebQuote Supplier Manual:

Quoting Quick Reference Guide:


Questions can be directed to your buyer or to the WebQuote Business Manager, Greg Rentschler at and a systems representative will assist them in resolving any issues.

Suppliers can continue to submit issues related to the WebQuote WIPS RFQ launch to Please ensure your provide your user information, site code and ATP number in all submissions.

Other system or registration related issues can be submitted to

You can also contact our local SPOC Help Desk for assistance.

  • North America Support Center
    Internally Dialed: 74957
    Externally Dialed: 1-313-317-74957 or 1-888-31-74957

  • UK Support Center
    Internally Dialed: 8734 3322
    Externally Dialed: +44 (0)1277 253322

  • German Support Center
    Internally Dialed: 87013322
    Externally Dialed: +49 (0)221 9013322

If you need help or would like to submit issues and/or concerns regarding this site, please e-mail us at
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