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Refund and Cancellation Policy

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How do I access CMMS through the Ford Supplier Network?
  1. Logon to the Internet.
    • Use the procedure currently established at your company.
    • The MIS person at your company will need to set this up on your computer, if you do not already have access to the Internet.
  2. In the location bar, type
  3. Press [ENTER]. This will display the Ford Supplier Network (FSN) screen.
  4. If you are not currently a member of the FSN, you will need to become one. Click the Membership icon to check if your company is a member.
    • If your company is a member, you can contact your Corporate Security Administrator (CSA) to get a user ID and Password.


    • If your company is not a member, it will need to become a member. The necessary forms are provided through the FSN website. Click here to register.
  5. Click "Login to FSN".
  6. On the Secure B2B Server screen, type your user ID.
    • This should be your first initial followed by a dash and up to six characters of your last name (for example, John Smith might be j-smit99). User IDs should be in lower case. The system is case sensitive.
    • This user ID will be established by your company's CSA.
  7. Type in your Password.
  8. Click on Login.
  9. Click on Continue. The FSN Home page is displayed.
  10. Click on 3270 Access.
  11. Click on 3270 Application Download. You may click on First Time Users for a detailed set of instructions.
  12. Logon to IMS7 for CMMS.
I cannot get access to the 3270 Application Download, what is wrong?
  • It is possible your FSN user ID has not been set up with the correct security access. Here is how to check:
    1. Logon to FSN as normal.
    2. On the Your identification has been verified screen, click Q1 Tools.
    3. On the Choose a Toolset screen, click User Tools.
    4. On the General User Tools screen, click Show Permissions.
    5. On the Show Permissions For screen, click Show ALL Permissions.
    6. On the Permissions For screen, you should see a box that is divided into two parts.
      • The top half is gray and should say 3270 Access.
      • The lower portion should have a list of your supplier codes.
      • If you do not have this box and the information described above, contact your CSA, they can add this security access.


This message is to remind the user that when a sample promise date is changed in the system, one of the canned performance code remarks must be entered in the PERF CODE/REMARKS field of the DDGA screen.


This message is to remind the user that support plans must be entered after each build date which is not supported by the fully PSW'd sample lot. These support plans must be entered before the SPD (Sample Promise Date) can be updated to the system.

Are the build dates in CMMS accurate?

  • Yes.
  • The build dates in CMMS are Purchasing build dates.
    • If you talk to someone within the Purchasing organization, they will tell you these dates.
    • If you talk to someone outside of Purchasing (Engineering or the Plant), they will tell you a different date.
    • The Purchasing date is always CORRECT. Purchasing is trying to make sure that all the parts needed for a build are available in advance of that build. Purchasing, therefore, schedules their build date one to two weeks in advance of the Plant or Engineering.
Can I get a new copy of the CMMS manual (User Guide)?
  • Yes. This document is available on the Internet at the Ford Supplier Network.
    1. Logon to the Internet.
      1. Use the procedure currently established at your company.
      2. The MIS person at your company will need to set this up on your computer, if you do not already have access to the Internet.
    2. In the location bar, type
    3. Press [ENTER]. The Ford Supplier Network (FSN) screen will be displayed.
    4. If you are not currently a member of the FSN, you will need to become one. Click the Membership icon to check if your company is a member.
      • If your company is a member, you can contact your CSA to get a user ID and password.


      • If your company is not a member, it will need to become a member. The necessary forms are provided through the FSN website. Click here to register.
    5. Click "Login to FSN".
    6. On the Secure B2B Server screen, type your user ID.
      • This should be your first initial followed by a dash and up to six characters of your last name (for example, John Smith might be j-smit99). User IDs should be in lower case. The system is case sensitive.
      • This user ID is created by the CSA at your company.
    7. Type in your Password.
    8. Click on Login.
    9. Click on Continue.
    10. In the location bar, type
    11. Press [ENTER]. The DDL North America Screen is displayed.
    12. Select DDL for PSW CMMS.
    13. Select Manuals.
    14. Select DDL For PSW-CMMS (133 kb).

I heard that the parts progress portion of CMMS is going away. Is this true?

  • Yes. The replacement is scheduled to come on-line April 2001.

Supplier Responsibilities
DAILY   1. All Job1 (including J1, MC, and RS) parts must be responded to with 24 hours of their initial release (no exceptions).
 2. If you have a new part with a Running Change (RC) Program ID, you must provide the following information:
  • Number of weeks needed to complete the PSW after authorization from Ford is received must be placed in the Procurement Span within three days of the part appearing as new.
  • Enter the Sample Promise Date within 24 hours, after Ford has provided an MRD (Material Requirement Date).

How often should I check CMMS?

  • Once a day, every day, for new parts.
  • It is recommended that you check after 1:00 pm (EDT).

What is the difference between a part with a J1, MC, and RS Program ID?

  • For the supplier, there is no difference and they should each be treated exactly the same.
  • For Ford, there is a difference.
    • J1 (Job1) Any new parts for a new vehicle will be marked as J1.
    • MC (Mandatory Change) In this case, a law has been passed that says this part must be in all vehicles on this day and beyond. Prior to that day, Ford can use the old parts. After this day, Ford cannot use the old parts. Ford will pay for all of the old parts the supplier has produced, but Ford has not used. These old parts are then junked.
    • RS (Resourced) Ford has decided to take a part away from one supplier and give it to another. The new supplier PSWs the part.

What is the difference between the Job1 type parts (including MC and RS parts) and Running Change (RC) parts?

  • Running changes are release after the Job1 build.
  • Before the running change parts can be used on the vehicle, the previous level parts must be exhausted (for example, use up all remaining "AA" level parts before switching to "AB" level parts).
  • The supplier has 72 hours to respond to a RC part, they only have 24 hours to respond to Job1 type parts.
  • The supplier is required to provide a Supplier Proc Span (lead time in weeks) for the part.
  • If the supplier knows the PSW date, they may schedule that date, but they must still provide the Supplier Proc Span.
  • Ford will calculate a Material Requirement Date (MRD) for the RC part.

What is the initial release date of a part?

  • The date the buyer sourced the business.
  • Check the SUPPLIER ESTB field on the DDGA screen for this information.

Why do I have to input the PSW indicator in CMMS by 3:00 pm (EDT)?

  • Because the last day of a PSW should be dedicated to finishing paperwork and getting signatures on that same paperwork - you should know if these things will be completed by 3:00 pm.
  • The Y in the PSW INDICATOR is Ford's notification that a part is complete. Once the part is complete, Ford can begin ordering that part. Ford needs to be informed of these part completions during normal business hours.

I challenged a part some time ago, but Ford has yet to respond, what can I do?

  • By challenging the part you, as a supplier, have done everything you can do correctly. If Ford chooses not to respond, this does not indicate any wrong doing on your part.
  • Pursue this challenge through other avenues.
    • Call the buyer.
    • Call the engineer.
    • Call the Pre-Prod analyst.

What is a support plan?

  • A supplier's plan of action when they are late to a Ford build date.
  • What the supplier plans to do to provide Ford with a part between the Ford required date (Build date) and the Supplier Sample Promise Date (PSW Date).

Do I have to update all of my parts every week?

  • Yes, no exceptions.
  • Update all parts (including J1, RS, MC, and RC) for the current model year and the next six model years (for example, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).
    • Current model year begins on September 1.
    • Do not update parts outside of these parameters.

When I change my PSW date do I need to write a remark explaining why I changed the date? Does the performance code provide this information?

  • Yes, always write a remark.
  • The performance code does not provide enough information.
  • You cannot access the performance codes in the future, if you need to know why a date changed.

Today is my scheduled PSW date, what should I do?

  • PSW your part, if it is done (please refer to When is a PSW Complete and ready to enter a Y (Yes) in CMMS).
    • Type C for change on the command line.
    • Enter Y in the PSW field (DDGA Screen).
    • Press [ENTER]. The message UPDATE SUCCESSFUL will be displayed.
  • If your PSW is not complete, change your PSW date, provide a performance code, and write a remark explaining what happened.

I have a part scheduled to PSW today and my computer is not working, what should I do?

  • Logon at a different computer.
  • Logon to the Ford Supplier Network at home (if possible).
    • Update via the 3270 download.
  • If worse comes to worse, the Help Desk (313-322-6503) should be able to PSW the part for you.
    • Parts must PSW on time.
    • The Y PSW indicator must be entered into the system on or before the scheduled date.

What is this screen for?

  • This screen is used only by suppliers who have access to multiple areas within CMMS (for example, access to the PSW portion of CMMS and access to the Production Shipment portion).
  • The user must select the area he/she wants to work in.
    • For PSW the user should always select the item that contains the words DDL PSW.
    • Press [TAB] to go to the AC field in front of the desired selection.
    • Type X in the AC column in front of this selection.
    • Press [ENTER].

I have access to multiple areas in CMMS, can I go from one area to another without making the appropriate selection on the Application Services Signon screen?

  • You are able to go to other screens in CMMS.
  • There may be a problem, however.
    • You may not be able to update or view information unless you return to the Applications Services Signon screen and make the appropriate selection.
    • Always return to the Applications Services Signon screen before you attempt to go from the PSW part of CMMS to the Production Shipment portion of the system.

When I get to the Applications Services Signon screen there are no selections. What is wrong?

  • The security on your user ID was not set up correctly.
  • Contact the security administrator of CMMS.
    • As of 12/01/1999, the security administrator is Angie Love at or 313-845-8642.

What is this screen for?

  • This screen is used for on-line bulletins.

What do I need to do on this screen?

  • Press [F4] (Continue). This will take you to the next screen.

There are a lot of items listed on this menu, may I select them all?


What is the correct menu selection?


What do I do on this screen?

  • Type 3 (Supplier Tracking Menu) on the command line.

How do I use this screen?


How do I use this screen?

  • Input the required model years.
    • Current year plus the following six years.
    • Current year begins September 1 (for example, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).
  • Press [ENTER].
  • Examine the COUNTS TOTAL column.
    • If the total for each count (except 31) is zero, you are done.
    • If the total of any count (except 31) is greater than zero, you must provide the requested information.

Why is it good to always have a count in mailbox 31?

  • Mailbox 31 represents the total count of parts in CMMS.
  • If this count is zero, this means that you do not currently have any new business with Ford.
    • New business is always positive.

Can I call my Timing Analyst if I am having a problem?

  • Yes and no.
  • Yes you can call them, but no, you should not call them for Help Desk related information.
    • Help questions should always be directed to the Help Desk (313) 322-6503 or the DDL Web Site.
  • You should only contact the Timing Analyst for information concerning challenges (challenges either you or Ford has entered into the system).

What does the DATES BETWEEN field do?

  • The DATES BETWEEN field makes mailbox 71 - Sample Dates Between and mailbox 73 - Supplier Update Required function.
  • The DATES BETWEEN field defaults to a date seven days in the past and seven days in the future.
    • Any parts that will PSW between these two dates will be displayed in mailbox 71.
    • Any parts that the supplier has failed to update in the last seven days will be displayed in mailbox 73.

Which mailboxes are most important?

    • New parts requiring timing information.
    • Used for the daily responsibility.
  • 31 NON PSW'D
    • Total parts in the system.
    • Used for the weekly responsibility.
    • Parts that require support plans due to build date changes.
    • Parts that have been challenged by Ford, or the supplier, due to a problem with the information available or provided.
    • Those parts which will PSW in the next seven days.
    • Used for the Monday responsibility.
    • Those parts that have not been updated in the past seven days.

I entered my model years as required and pressed [ENTER], but no information was displayed (no mailboxes were displayed). What is wrong?

  • Check the ORG field at the top right of the screen.
  • If this says QMPGO this must be changed.
  • It should say NAAO for Ford suppliers, or VAO for Visteon suppliers.
    • If you supply parts to both Ford and Visteon, you must use both codes (only one at a time, however).
    • This information can be permanently changed by the CMMS Security Administrator.
  • Once you have changed the information in the ORG field, press [ENTER] again.
  • The desired information should be displayed.

What are the mailboxes 25 - WITHOUT TOOLING END DATES and 72 - SAMPLE/TOOL DATES BETWEEN for?

  • CMMS no longer requires tooling information and therefore these mailboxes are no longer used.

What is this screen used for?

  • This screen shows the users ALL of the build dates that changed in CMMS for the past two weeks.
  • This screen is optional and purely informational.
    • This same information will also be displayed on the DDGA Part Detail screen in the build section.

I challenged a part on the DDGA - Parts Progress Part Detail Page 1 screen, but its still in my condition 10 - Sample Date Required mailbox, why?

  • The part is still in your Condition 10 - Sample Date Required mailbox because you have not given the system what it is looking for.
    • The system is looking for a Sample Promise Date, or PSW date.
  • Challenging the part does not remove the part from this mailbox.
  • The part will be removed once a PSW date is provided.

What is this screen used for?

  • This is your main update screen.
    • 90% of all the PSW information you provide CMMS is provided on this screen.
  • Most of the information you provide to Ford via CMMS is plugged into this screen. This information includes:
    • PSW DATE
  • This screen also provides you with most of the Ford information about this part.
    • FAMILY
    • NOTICE #

Can I select another part number on this screen without returning to a previous list screen?

  • Yes.
  • Type the desired part number over the current part number.
    • Be sure to type the part number with both dashes.
    • Be sure to leave the space out between the prefix and the base. The system will put this in for you.
  • Delete the remains of the previous part number.
  • Press [ENTER]. The new part number is displayed.

The supplier code on this part is wrong. I am at supplier code ADCBA and the part is sourced to ADCBB, our sister plant in Tennessee. Is this a problem?

  • Yes.
  • The part is sourced to the wrong plant.
  • You must get this corrected. If you do not, the following problems could arise:
    • Production release would go to the wrong plant.
    • Payment could go to the wrong plant.
  • What to do:
    • Challenge the part. Type *** CHALLENGE *** This part is incorrectly sourced. Plant ADCBB will not produce this part. Please resource this plant to supplier code ADCBA. Our Ford Buyer, Bob Buyer (313-555-2525), is being contacted to have this corrected.
    • Contact your Ford buyer to have this information corrected.

What is the Supplier Proc Span?

  • The Supplier Proc Span is short for Supplier Procurement Span.
  • A Supplier Proc Span is the same thing as Total Lead Time In Weeks needed to produce a part.
  • When calculating the Supplier Proc Span (Total Lead Time In Weeks), the following facts should be considered:
    • The lead time is not fixed to today's date. When you say the Supplier Proc Span is 10 weeks, you are not saying that 10 weeks from today your PSW will be complete. You are saying that 10 weeks from the day you do start is when the PSW will be complete.
    • Supplier Proc Span is TOTAL lead time in weeks. If you have already been working on a 10 week project for 6 weeks, you do not report a Supplier Proc Span of 4. You still report the TOTAL lead time of 10 weeks.
    • TOTAL lead time includes time to obtain tools, install tools, run parts, test the parts, and complete all necessary paper work.
    • Supplier Proc Span does not change. Do not update the Supplier Proc Span once it has been added to the system unless you have calculated the number of weeks incorrectly in the first place.

I have a Running Change (RC) part, I know my PSW date, do I have to provide the Proc Span?

  • Yes. Enter both your PSW and the Supplier Proc Span.

Is the Proc Span required?

  • Yes, for RC parts.
  • It is not required for J1 (Job1), MC (Major Change), AS (Added Starters).
    • It is good information, however.

What day should I pick for my Samp Prom (Sample Promise)?

  • Pick a day you know you can meet.
    • DO NOT simply select the Ford MRD Build date as your PSW date.
    • DO NOT select Saturday or Sunday unless YOU expect to work that day.
    • DO NOT select a holiday unless YOU expect to work that day.
  • Time should be spent classifying those things that need to be done and how long each will take to complete. Items and times that should be considered:
    • Get tools
    • Install tools
    • Run parts
    • Test parts
    • Paperwork
    • Signatures.
  • Careful consideration should be given to when the project will be begin.
    • What is the start date?

My PSW will not be completed today as scheduled, I tried to put an N (No) in the PSW (PSW Indicator) field, but it will not accept this information. What should I do?

  • The PSW indicator is designed to accept only one piece of information, a Y that indicates that this PSW is complete.
  • If the part is not completed as scheduled, you must do the following:
    • Change the PSW date. Pick a new date you know you can meet.
    • If the part is a J1 (Job1), provide a Perf Code explaining why the date was changed.
    • In all cases, write a remark explaining why the Sample Promise was changed.

A part I have been working on has disappeared. What happened to it? How do I get it back?

  • The part was probably cancelled.
  • To check and see if the part was canceled:
    • Type the desired part number in the PART field.
    • Press [ENTER]. The part will be displayed.
    • Check the error message at the bottom of the screen.
    • The message RECORD FOUND - PART/SUPPLIER IS INACTIVE should be there. If so, your part has been canceled.

I changed my PSW date, but the system will not accept my new date.

  • You are changing the PSW date on a J1 part and making it later.
  • When you change the date and make it later, you must provide a performance code and remark explaining what happened to cause the date change.
    • The Perf Codes are available on-line by pressing [F4].
    • Select PP02 -- Parts Progress Supp. Perf. Remarks. A list of valid performance codes is displayed.
  • Select the PERF CODE that best fits your situation.
  • Once you have selected a PERF CODE, press [ENTER] again to save the information.
  • If you are making the PSW date later than one of the builds, you must also provide a support plan for that build.

The system is requesting a support plan. How do I write a support plan?

  • A support plan consist of two parts:
  • Part 1 - Alert Number
    • An alert should be written by either the Ford Engineer or the Supplier Engineer (if they have the ability to do this).
    • The alert says that the correct PSW part will not be available on time for the build, therefore, an acceptable substitute will be used in its place until the correct part becomes available.
    • The alert must be written in the format A12345.
  • Part 2 - Remark
    • You must provide a short (three-character) remark explaining the nature of the alert.
    • You may also use the phrase "Wait for production" with PERMISSION from Ford.
    • The short remark should be written as LVT (Low Volume Tooling).

My J1 part does not have any build dates listed. Do I have to provide a PSW date?

  • Yes.
  • The lack of a build date from Ford does not prevent you from providing a PSW date.
  • The Ford build date has no impact on your ability to produce a part.
  • These builds will be provided later.
  • If your PSW date is late to a build, you will be notified.

I challenged a part a long time ago, Ford has never responded. What can I do?

  • By challenging the part, you have acted correctly.
    • If Ford chooses not to respond, Ford has its reasons.
    • You have done everything you should have.
  • Have you tried to resolve this issue though other means?
    • Contact the Buyer, Engineer, and Pre-Prod analysis.

I input a Sample Promise date yesterday, now its gone, what happened?

  • Did someone else in your company change the date?
    • Check the UPDATE ID/ DATE: S field.
  • Did you remember to type C on the command line and press [ENTER] to save the information?
  • Did someone at Ford update the part?
    • Check the UPDATE ID / DATE: F field.

I just got a new part today, but it is a part I currently produce and have been producing for years. What should I do?

  • If the part is a current production part, or has been PSWed with the last year, the PSW is still valid.
  • PSW the part.
    • Put today's date in the SAMPLE PROMISE field.
    • Enter Y in the PSW IND field.
    • Type C on the command line.
    • Press [ENTER].

How do I know which Perf Code to select?

  • First, you must decide who caused the Sample Promise date to change: Ford or the Supplier.
  • Once you have decided who caused the date change, you must decide what the cause was and select the proper code.
    • The Perf Codes are available on-line by pressing [F4].
    • Select PP02 - Parts Progress Supp. Perf. Remarks.
    • Select the code that best fits your situation.

What are all the TOOLING fields for? Do I have to provide information concerning the current status of my tools?

  • No tooling information is required.
  • Leave the following fields blank:
    • TOOL END
    • TOOL TIME.

How do I save information on this screen?

  • Type C on the command line.
    • C is for change.
    • You must always enter C on the command line if you want to modify information on the DDGA screen.
  • Type in the desired text.
  • Press [ENTER].
  • Check to make sure the message UPDATE SUCCESSFUL is displayed on the bottom left.
    • Until you see this message, the information has not been saved.

I typed in information on the DDGA screen and pressed [ENTER], but I did not get the message UPDATE SUCCESSFUL. What did I do wrong?

  • Most likely you pressed [ENTER] without typing C on the command line first.
  • Type C on the command line and press [ENTER] again.
  • You should see the UPDATE SUCCESSFUL message.

What is the PSW LESS ES field for?

  • This field is only used by suppliers who can meet the following two criteria:
    • Their scheduled PSW date is late to one or more required builds.
    • Their part must undergo Engineering Specification (ES) Testing prior to the successful completion of the PSW.
  • Once you have satisfied both of these criteria, the PSW LESS ES field can be used to report to Ford when this part can be available without the ES testing being completed.
    • The idea is that, this PSW LESS ES date may be earlier than the required date, in which case Ford will request the parts be shipped and used before the ES testing is complete.
    • The supplier must still complete the testing, it is simply done after the PSW. (For example, SAMPLE PROMISE = 10/10/2000. Required date 09/25/2000. The supplier is 15 days late in this case. The supplier must run a 30-day ES Test Salt Spray. Without the ES Test, the parts can be available to Ford on 09/10/2000, 15 days in advance of the required date. PSW LESS ES = 09/10/2000.)

When I write my support plan, can I continue the text from line one to line two?

  • No.
  • All the text for a single support plan must be kept on a single line.
    • If you have more to say than will fit on the short line, write it in the remarks.

I PSWed my part by mistake, what should I do?

  • Delete the Y out of the PSW INDICATOR immediately.
    • Speed is of the essence in this case. As soon as you say the part is done (PSW indicator is Y), someone at Ford gets a mailbox message saying, THIS PART IS COMPLETE, YOU MAY BEGIN TO ORDER THIS PART FROM THE SUPPLIER AND USE IT ON SALABLE VEHICLES.
    • If you cannot provide the requested parts, this will go against your supplier rating.
  • Input the new PSW date.
  • Write a remake explaining what happened and why it happened.

I want to write a remark, but all the lines are blue (or there are no lines) and the system will not let me type. What should I do?

  • Press [F6] (Add Remarks).
  • The system will now allow you to add new remarks.
    • The blue lines become green.
    • Green lines are updateable.
    • The remark will be marked at the beginning with an S (supplier) and today's date.
  • Press [ENTER] to save your remarks.

What should I write in the remarks area?

  • Information related to the part number listed at the top of the screen.
    • These remarks are part specific and must always be written with that in mind.
  • Keep a history of the events related to this part.

    NOTE: Follow-up remarks are a good business practice. Without follow-up remarks, Ford is only getting half of the story. (For example, if you write the remark, "ABC Supplier Co. is not authorized to proceed." It is important to follow this up with the remark, "ABC Supplier Co. has received the necessary authorization to proceed.")

    • Start when you first get the part and continue this history until the PSW is complete.
  • Record information that is important, but could not be added to the DDGA- Parts Progress Part Detail Pg 1 screen.
  • Record what is going on at your company.

I want to write a challenge. What is the proper format for writing a challenge?

  • A challenge should be written as follows:
    • ** CHALLENGE ** This part does not belong to the ABC Part Co. (Supplier Code ABCDE). The ABC Part Co. will not produce this part now, or ever. Please source this part to the correct supplier. Our Ford buyer, Bob Smith (313-555-2525), has been contacted.


    • ** CHALLENGE ** ABC Part Co. has not been authorized to proceed with this part. ABC Part Co. cannot PSW this part without the proper authorization from the Ford buyer. Ford buyer Bob Smith (313-555-2525) has been contacted.


    • ** CHALLENGE ** ABC Part Co. has not received a blue print for this part. Until ABC Part Co. has this blue print, they cannot PSW. Ford engineer Bob Roberts (313-555-2424) has been contacted and these prints were requested on 05/01/1999.

What are the guidelines for writing remarks?

  • Name names. Who was it you spoke with, or gave you a piece of information (both internal to your company and at Ford). For example, "according to Matthew Sheehy (Ford DDL Coordinator 313-845-3775), such and such is the case."
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms as much as possible.
  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Be detailed in your remarks.
  • Mark the reason for a challenged part as
    ******* Challenge ********.
    • This makes locating the challenge easier for both the supplier and Ford.
  • Mark a response to a challenged part as
    ****** Challenge Response ******.
  • Type your full name and phone number in the remark. This is so we can easily identify who wrote a particular remark and get back with them easily.

When is a PSW complete and ready to enter a Y (yes) in CMMS?

  1. When the supplier has run a certain number of parts.
    • Usually 300, or enough to make 300 vehicles.
      • Some suppliers have a deal worked out with Ford so they do not need to make 300 pieces for a PSW. These suppliers should not change their business practices. (Wiring harness suppliers are a good example of this case.)
  2. These parts are made off of the production tool.
    • No prototype tooling.
    • No CNC machine, unless CNC is normal for production.
  3. These parts are made with production processes.
    • No hand assembly.
      • Unless this is normal for production.
    • Nothing is lacking in the line.
  4. These parts are made by production personnel.
    • No engineers making parts.
    • No other "specialized" non-production personnel making parts.
  5. Any and all required tests have been run and successfully completed. Including ES (Engineering Specification) testing and PV (Production Validation) testing.
  6. A dimensional layout has been done on the part.
  7. All PSW-related paperwork has been completed.
    • Remember CMMS is a communication system, not a replacement for the current PSW process.
  8. All necessary sign-offs have been gathered.
    • Including STA sign-off for suppliers less than Q1 Level 1.
    • If you are not a Q1 Level 1 supplier, you must schedule your PSW for when the STA Engineer will sign-off on your PSW paperwork.
  9. No outstanding or active alerts.
    • You cannot PSW to an alert.
  10. A copy of the completed PSW warrant sheet has been faxed to your STA engineer.
    • Not all STA engineers require this.
  11. The parts are complete and ready to ship.
    • The supplier, however, is not required to ship parts on that day, unless otherwise notified.
    • CMMS is not a shipping system.
      • EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: If the supplier's manufacturing plant is outside of North America. The PSW date should be scheduled as the day the parts will be available in North America, not at the manufacturing location.
      • South Africa and South Korea are good examples of this case.

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